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We see the world in many different ways just like customers, which helps us understand them!

What's Shift Orbit?

We at Shift Orbit believe in the existence of metaphorical orbits in the business world. An orbit is a path or a loop in which an object continues to move experiencing only those things that fall in its vicinity. But what if this orbit were shifted or altered even by a small amount? It would result in the object reaching places it never had before. We believe we can make businesses grow and reach places they never have before via Attractive Designs, Innovative Advertising Strategies and bringing in the latest market trends, all done with a keen eye for Business.

Who are we?

Shift Orbit is a group of young and talented people with the passion and experience working with small to big and Local to International Organizations. Our goal is to create conceptual visions and bring all of them to reality, by giving them extensive function on screen. We aim to deliver these elements in our projects, and quality is extremely important for us to achieve that. We understand good design alone is simply not enough to produce effective business solution. Instead, the overall quality, either from the process or the outcome, serves as a key for a successful business solution. We're not just a team, we are a Revolution!


Rahul Ramesh

Rahul is a founding partner at Shift Orbit and assumes the roles of a Full Stack Developer , Creative Designer & UX Manager. He specializes in Application Development and SEO. Rahul is passionate about bringing innovations and strives to achieve the impossible. While he's off work, Rahul enjoys the great outdoors, movies & playing guitar.

Rishi Ramesh

Rishi is a founding member of ShiftOrbit and Chief Executive Officer, Rishi has worked to create many visually stunning and successful websites as well various digital marketing products. He excels in being an Full Stack Web Developer, UI/UX Designer, Website Architecture, Server maintenance and Database management. When I am off from work, I pickup my guitar and groove into music.

what we do

We love what we do and we promise to give you the best!
Design/Build Services

 Design and develop user friendly websites and apps that are trendy, with a personal touch! Whether it's a Landing page, a full scale website or a Functional App for your business, we develop them to spec while ensuring the latest design and practices in the market are embedded. Watch your idea come to life as we work closely with you every step of the way.  


 Need help extending the reach of your Business/Website? We are here to help! We ensure the total projection of your venture with our E-Marketing services such as Social Media Marketing, Promotional Videos, Site Ranking and Targeted Content, making sure that your idea reaches the place where it matters the most. We help your business reach maximum number of potential customers by providing effective digital marketing solutions. 

Responsive Design

 Websites that can adapt to any device or any screen size? Websites that are Compatible will all types of Operating Systems and browsers? No problem! We provide designs that are scalable and efficient at the same time. All this without the need to redesign the entire site or create multiple versions of your site, allowing you to reach users on any device.  

Search Engine Optimization

  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gives you additional leverage by giving your site the push it needs to show up on google search! We makes sure your site is up there on the search results and help your business achieve the fame it rightfully deserves! Our SEO techniques are effective making your business stand out.  

Application Development

 We've got your back! We’ll help you turn your brilliant idea into a reality! Just imagine and we'll create. Application build, Micro Services, Redesign and Modernization, QA and Performance Optimization, you name it we can do it all.  

Social Networking

 Our Team also offers a new unique service, where your business or website is made known in Social Networking media. Targeting specific discussions and problems on social networking venues and introducing the name of your venture with the link to your site extends the reach to a much greater extent compared to standard advertising. 

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